“Hello April We are open this EASTER WEEKEND @ 88 on logan “


“Hello April We are open this EASTER WEEKEND @ 88 on logan

Dear Patrons
We invite you for March playtime at 88 on Logan come play with our beauties.
We are open during day time on Wednesday and Thursdays now.

Valentines Day

        Celebrate this valentines month @88

   Come and check out our daily specials at your best brothel in Brisbane 88 on Logan.
Call us on 07 389 11198 to know more.

July – @ Brisbane Brothel 88 on Logan

Dear Patrons
We invite you for July playtime at 88 on Logan come play with our beauties.
We are open during day time on Wednesday and Thursdays now.

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Mediterranean Goddess Bonnie is at 88 on Logan Brisbane Brothel

Size G Mediteranean lady in 88 on Logan a Brothel in Brisbane

Bonnie our Mediterranean goddess will leave you speechless with her amazing body and size G breasts and the beautiful curvy bottom is at 88 on Logan a Brothel in Brisbane

ETHNICITY – Australian

HAIR – Brunette
EYES – Hazel
FIGURE – Busty
AGE – 25
HEIGHT – 150 Cm

INTERESTS – Couple friendly, Disabled friendly, Doubles

Check out our other ladies today and visit the Best Brisbane Brothel 88 on Logan.

Busty Friday line ups ( Size D and above )

Best brisbane brothel

Brisbane brothel 88 on Logan

Check our our hot busty lineups for today at 88 on Logan.

We got

  1. Natalie (New)
  2. Bonnie
  3. Cherry
  4. Lily
  5. Alex
  6. Zara

And many more (15 ladies in line up for today )

Best brisbane brothel is 88 on Logan because we have the best collection of beauties on clock always.

Busty, Brunette, Aussie, Blonde and many more available now at brisbane brothel 88 on Logan.



Sexy Saturday @ 88 on Logan Brisbane Brothel !!! Come and grab them :)

Our Gorgeous Ladies are waiting for you @88onlogan brisbane brothel.
We got
Evie, Lana, Melody, Skye, Taylor, Tracie, Wolfie.

Come in to the Best Brisbane Brothel 88 on Logan.



Well you’re in luck…

Brothels are legal in Queensland and are licenced by the Prostitution Licencing Authority (PLA) The PLA reports to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) which reports to parliament.

It’s a common question people for people to ask when visiting a brothel – is it actually a legal establishment? It’s a very good idea to question this when you have a brothel in mind that you plan on visiting for a number of reasons, which will be discussed below.


There are only two types of sex work that are legal in Queensland – private sex workers (a single sex worker working alone) and sex work in a licenced brothel. Each state in Australia has different laws, so make sure you are aware of them if you’re interstate.

Illegal brothels are brothels that are not licenced. Outcalls from licenced brothels are also illegal. Another way that illegal brothels operate is by posing as “Massage Parlours”. The most disturbing fact about this is that the workers often don’t use any form of protection and don’t require clients to use any, which immediately increases the chances of the transmission of STI’s and other diseases. Both sex workers and clients are at risk, and the rate of transmission to many other people is high.


The main reason why brothels in Queensland have been legalised is to provide a safe and regulated environment for both sex workers and clients. Security is high and the safety of the sex workers and clients is held in the highest regard. This is why it is so important to avoid illegal brothels which are unsafe and have very low hygiene standards and to only use legal, licenced brothels.

Visit us at 88 on Logan and discover a world of incredible delight today. Call now to book on (07) 3891 1198.


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